Hacienda is a community whose mission is to inspire consenting adults to celebrate sexual freedom. We do this by:

We welcome all races, gender expressions, orientations, body types, abilities, relationship structures, and ages (21+). 

The Team

Andrew Sparksfire
Founder of Hacienda

Andrew is a real estate investor and financial geek who, in 2009, started Hacienda from his townhouse in Brooklyn. Andrew has dedicated his life to creating environments where people can express themselves freely without shame or judgment. In 2014, he built Hacienda Villa, an intentional living community based on the culture of consent and sex positivity originally developed at Hacienda’s legendary sex parties. In 2016, he opened a guest house in New Orleans with the same ethos, and later that same year embarked on a role as an educator and activist. He now speaks around the world on the subject of sex positive culture while continuing to expand Hacienda as a lifestyle brand.
Contact: AndrewSparksfire@gmail.com

Beth Sparksfire
Partner, Director of Events and Membership
Beth is the Director of Events and Membership at Hacienda. By launching and managing the Membership Program, Beth grows the community while maintaining the exciting, welcoming, and sexy qualities that Hacienda embodies. Beth leads production for the private parties, which are open to members and their guests. Called the Queen of Hacienda because of her outspoken attitude and leadership skills, Beth brings experience in project management, advertising, and video production to the team. Noticing a gap in sexy and decent nightlife options, Beth is expanding Hacienda into the public sphere where she believes in redefining bar culture into something more conscious, more safe, and much, much sexier.
Contact: Queen@WeAreHacienda.com
 Kenneth Play
Partner, Co-founder of Hacienda Villa

Kenneth is an international sex educator and celebrity sex coach, whose teaching style has been described as a combination of Tim Ferriss, Martha Stewart, and Bruce Lee. Kenneth co-founded Hacienda Villa and currently manages its day-to-day operations. He is a partner on The Casual Sex Project along with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova. Kenneth makes frequent TV appearances and has been profiled by Playboy, GQ, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Independent, The Sun, and the Daily Star. Kenneth's mission is to make hands-on sex education accessible to a mainstream audience.

Contact: Kenneth@KennethPlay.com

Sex Education Videos by Kenneth 

Rene Bolanos
Event Producer and Studio Manager

Rene is a caring and responsible member of the Villa community. He organizes Villa events as an ambassador to the community, a volunteer coordinator, and event producer. His attention to detail and mindful communication extend to every part of his life, including his passion for pole dancing. Ever since his first lesson, Rene has expressed an intimate connection with the pole and pole dancing community in every performance. He spends the rest of his free time cooking delicious vegan meals. 
Contact: Rene@WeAreHacienda.com
Ben Badin
Event Producer

Ben is a community organizer and event producer with 15 years of event production experience. His primary goal is to ensure that Hacienda events run smoothly and safely and that all guests have a wonderful experience. With a strong motivation to grow sex positive culture and a keen eye for detail, Ben produces incredible events that value safety while creating opportunities for authentic connection. You can often find Ben acting as a Guardian ensuring that Hacienda events are as comfortable and safe as possible.
Contact: Ben@WeAreHacienda.com
TummyLove NY
Resident Chef

Specializing in home-style cooking with a modern twist, TummyLove NY provide satisfying and seductive food options for Hacienda brunches and large play parties. Natalie’s delicious food enables guests to revel in their sense of taste while nourishing their bodies for even more physical fun. By providing a range of fresh, homemade dishes that always include meat-free options, TummyLove NY is proud to bring the personal aspect of delicious food to hungry Hacienda guests.  
Contact via FB
 Arnaud Muller
Filmmaker, DJ, and Event Producer 
Arnaud is the resident DJ and an event producer at Hacienda. A versatile filmmaker and photographer, his sense of creativity has driven him to shoot over 300 travel videos, fashion and music videos, and also some pretty incredible Hacienda videos. With a modern take on sex-positive culture, Arnaud helps direct Hacienda towards new audiences and opportunities. His music is available at https://soundcloud.com/arnaudmullermusic
Contact: Arnaud@WeAreHacienda.com
Eli Pepper
Manager, Hacienda Maison
Eli Pepper is proud to call New Orleans home. Connection, community, and service are priorities for Eli. Her interests include costuming, collective creative endeavors, Argentine tango, kink, BDSM, human connection, and spiritual growth. Eli has co-hosted educators and education events on topics such as rope bondage, and dominance development at Hacienda Maison and Winter Palace.
Contact: HaciendaNOLA@gmail.com
 Beatrice Rose
Manager, Hacienda Maison
Beatrice Rose loves her native city of New Orleans. She enjoy conversations with neighbors, costuming, football, rope bondage, consuming delicious meals, building beautiful homes, and riding bicycles. Bea has co-hosted educators and education events on topics such as rope bondage, and dominance development at Hacienda Maison and Winter Palace. Bea taught a beginners rope bondage class with a focus on consent and negotiation at Naughty in N’awlins. Community and service are important for Bea.
Contact: HaciendaNOLA@gmail.com