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Hacienda is committed to growing the community in a conscious and positive way. We welcome all consensual, sexy, and interesting people to apply for membership. Although we are an exclusive and curated organization, we never discriminate based on body type, gender or gender expression, sexual preference, race, ability, relationship structure, or age (although you must be 21 or older, for legal reasons).

When applying we ask you to provide a reference from a current Hacienda member. An environment where everyone is accountable to someone other than themselves allows people to comfortably explore their sexuality and their authentic selves. Once accepted as a member you are welcome to bring trusted friends along with you as guests, as long as you accompany them and vouch for their behavior.

Membership is $45 every 3 months or $130 for a year.

If you don't know a current member who is happy to vouch for you then you may apply with another person, be it friends or lovers. In this case both people must apply to become members at the same time and both people will be responsible for the behavior of the other. Make sure you only apply with someone you completely trust. You must each fill out an application and under Reference enter each other as your reference so we can match you together. If you are BIPOC and/or TGNC and do not have a reference we may be able to match you with a current community member to act as a sponsor.

All information submitted is strictly confidential, for internal use only, and will not be distributed to any other party.

* Do NOT use or any Microsoft email addresses, they block our automated emails. *

If your membership is approved you will receive an email with your membership information and details regarding your first visit. If there are any questions contact

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We value your privacy and will never publicize an association with you prior to obtaining your permission.


A recent photo of you from the waist up showing your face, (For Office Use Only, to verify during check-in)

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About You

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Such as- Do you have any experience with sex-positive ideas or events? What positive traits will you bring to the community? This could be creative skills, personality traits, etc. Why are you interested in joining Hacienda?


A reference is a current Hacienda member who will vouch for your ability to practice consent, state your boundaries, and be respectful.

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