Hacienda membership is on a temporary pause while we ride out the pandemic. We look forward to hosting the sexy and exciting events you've come to expect from us just as soon as it's safe to do so. 

Membership Includes 

  • Community

    Be a part of our community of welcoming, accepting, consensual people who really like to have a good time!

  • Events

    Get invited to our members-only play parties where you’ll find absolutely everything needed for the best night of your life.


  • Bring along your friends!

    Invite as many friends as you like to our private events, as long as you vouch for them.

  • Ticket discounts to public events

    Members receive discounts to many of our public events.


What our community has to say

"Friendly and sexy!"

Everyone was so calm, friendly, and sexy! I had a great time and didn't feel anxious or pressured at all.

"Ridiculous commitment to making the party perfect"

I love the ridiculous commitment to making the party perfect. There is clearly a lot of time and effort that goes into planning, decorations, ice breakers, etc. I love how open and approachable everyone is... Even though I’m still pretty new, I feel comfortable talking with everyone as if I’ve known them for years …I think you throw the best parties. Also I love the way the Villa is set up. There are so many different and interesting areas. A lot of thought put into every step. It feels special to partake and enjoy in this space and creation. 

"The community was awesome"

The community was awesome. Very chill party and everyone was very respectful and non pushy.


The vibe, the space, the energy, the old memories and the new ones being made. In short, I loved EVERYTHING.

Here's what our members love about Hacienda events.


Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member?

Our membership system is based on referrals so we can grow our community while everyone remains accountable. 1. Fill out the online membership form. This form requires you to enter the name and email of a reference. This reference should be someone who is close to the Hacienda Community and (ideally) a member. We know it’s not always easy to know who is a member and who isn’t. That’s why it’s best to reach out to your reference before applying and checking in with them and make sure they are happy to vouch for you. 2. Hacienda will contact your reference for confirmation. 3. When your reference responds with approval, we will email you a link to enter your credit card information. Membership dues are $25 every 90 days. Once paid, you will receive immediate access to the private events and your email address will be added to the private email newsletter. Make sure to create a filter so all emails from ‘members@wearehacienda.com’ go directly to your inbox.

What if I don’t have anyone to vouch for me?

We understand that our current system poses some challenges for people who are brand new. If you don’t already know someone who is close to the community here are a few things you can do. 1. Start coming to our public events where there are lots of great people to meet. You can sign up for our public events newsletter by entering your email address on our site. Start immersing yourself in the community and you’ll meet the right people in no time. 2. If you're a couple, or two friends, you may both apply and use each other as a reference. If you each vouch for the other and pay the invoice then you may both become members.

What can I expect at a Hacienda play party?

Hacienda hosts many types of events but you can always count on our principles of inclusion, consent, and sex-positivity to remain the same. The best way to get an idea of what a specific event will be like is to read the description and all of the copy on the event page or ticket link. Our largest play parties are titled "Hacienda Presents: theme name". At these events you can expect a great house party with plenty of play. Multiple areas feature space for socializing, meeting new people, enjoying sexy playtime, and lounging inside or outside. No one is required (or expected) to play and respectfully watching others is one great way to participate. The layout of the space varies depending on what house the event is being held at but each house has multiple floors so you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Some guests come dressed in costume per the theme and some just wear whatever makes them feel sexy. DJ’s play music to get you in the mood and often we have performances or interactive games. We ask you to bring your own drinks and we’ll have mixers for you at our bar. Appetizers are available at the beginning of the evening and we feature a full meal around 2am so you can keep your energy up for more hours of fun. Once you’ve purchased a ticket to one of our private events it’s important to read the entire email confirmation so you have all of the relevant information.

How should I act?

Communication is the most important thing to keep in mind. As long as you communicate your requests and boundaries you should feel free to be yourself. We work to create a space where guests are encouraged to explore their sexuality and self-expression, therefore we expect everyone to be kind and treat each other with respect. You may be near people or things that don’t turn you on but don’t ever shame someone or be rude. Be aware of your alcohol consumption and make sure you remain in a position to give and get consent.

What is the crowd like?

As a sex-positive community we never discriminate based on age, body type, gender or gender expression, sexual preference, race, physical ability, or relationship structure. We do not take any measures to control the physical attributes of our crowd, and find that gender ratios are almost always balanced.

Do I need to come with someone?

If you are a member you may come alone, unless the event specifically states otherwise. If you are a guest of a member then you should come with that member.

Do I have to pay for membership and events?

The membership fee is separate from the cost of individual event tickets. Each event ticket is for 1 person (unless otherwise stated) and usually costs between $45-$85. We have volunteer positions available in exchange for free tickets (check event description for volunteer contact information or email members@wearehacienda.com).

Will my privacy be protected?

We respect the privacy of our members and will never sell or distribute your name, contact info or other personal information to any other organization.

How can I recommend Hacienda to my friends?

Go ahead and talk about Hacienda, sex-positive culture, and sex parties—it’s exciting stuff and it will help us grow this amazing community! Just make sure you don’t share personal details about others without their consent. If you’re a member we welcome you to bring along your trusted friends to a public event (sexy-themed, no play) or a private event (full play) depending on their level of comfort. If it’s a play party they’ll go through the orientation where they will learn the rules and etiquette and get to enjoy the party first hand. You can also encourage friends to sign up for membership and offer to be their reference.

Further Membership Details

Can be found here: https://www.wearehacienda.com/membership-details

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