Workshop Vault

The Art of Dirty Talk

with Miss Bloom

In this workshop, sex educator Miss Bloom will instruct us in the art of dirty talk.  Whether you're on the phone, on video chat, or in person, dirty talk is a safe and sexy way to bring your sexual encounters to the next level! We will explore sexy talk that can stimulate a partner before a sexual encounter, enhance stimulation during an encounter, and can make an encounter more memorable.

Maximizing Pleasure for People with Vulvas

with Miss Bloom


Why do so many people with vulvas struggle to achieve pleasure and orgasm, especially during partnered sex? Vulvas don't get a lot of focus in sex education, porn, and pop culture. It’s no wonder that many people are left confused about how to pleasure themselves or their partners with vulvas. This workshop will help people with vulvas and their partners explore pleasure in foreplay and penetrative sex.

Consent Culture in the Home

with Sarah Casper of Comprehensive Consent


Creating consent culture in the home means establishing an environment where your child understands their body rights, how to set their boundaries, and how to respect the boundaries of others. Learn how to empower your child through bodily autonomy, mindfulness, and social-emotional skills as you cultivate a consent culture in your home.

Race & Sexuality:

How To Celebrate and Not Fetishize

with Kabir & FiFi

Play parties and sex positive spaces are where people go to to find solace and community. However, they are also one of the spaces where we find ourselves being of the very few non-white people around. This discussion, hosted by Hacienda's Kabir & FiFi, is a friendly chat about how to treat and approach folx that may look different than you at a sex party...or literally anywhere. Learn how to celebrate and uplift all bodies without making them feel even more “othered”. 

Wax Play 101

with Turning Violet

Wax play is a type of sensation play that explores the body's reaction to suspense, extreme heat, short bursts of stimulation, and sensory deprivation. This digital workshop, led by Violet, will include information about specific tools, safety tips, and  explorative exercises for self or partnered wax play. Come with a partner or solo to explore the limits of your body.

Sex on Substance: Play, Drugs, & Alcohol 

with Turning Violet


There is far too little research about how psychoactive substances affect our brains, and vicariously, how they affect our sexual experiences when we engage in drug play. This workshop led by Violet will walk you through the basic understanding of how the human brain works when it comes to addiction, novelty seeking, and drug seeking behaviors.

Red Flag, Green Flag:

Navigating Potential Play Partners

with Quinn of Unearthed Pleasures

The exciting part about kink is exploring it with others. But if you thought assessing regular Tinder dates was tough, kink adds a whole other level. We'll talk about all this and more -- including red and green flags to look for, getting to know potential play partners, vetting, how to deal with red flags, some basic safety that your partners should utilize, and practices you should keep in mind when playing with someone new!