Celebrating Sex, Community, and Self-Expression


Hacienda creates beautiful spaces where you can expect to make new friends, explore your desires, and be surrounded by people who practice consent. 

We welcome new people to experience our community by coming to one of our many public parties, classes, or events. Find out what’s happening by signing up for our newsletter or following Hacienda Community on Facebook to view our calendar of events.

For those who are looking for something saucier we have a membership program that grants access to our incredible private play events.

                 Featured Events                 

Turpitude Presents: ThanXXXGiving & Recieving

November 23, 2019

Mash your potatoes over a spit-roast, while we butter our yams and see what's fun to stuff into our turkeys. We will have the backyard fire rolling for sexy story-time, and a meal of savory delights. Join now to get access to all of Hacienda's private play events.

Rope Share

November 27, 2019

Find a study buddy, practice your rope skills, and get tied up at open rope nights. Our gathering includes informal skill sharing, light snacks, and plenty of time to practice tying or being tied.

Hacienda Hosts: XXXMas

December 07, 2019

Our naughty spin on classic holiday traditions. Put your spin on holiday wear and come as a mischievous elf, slutty Santa, or a present to be unwrapped.

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Explore your sexuality, find your people, be a part of a community.

Become a Hacienda Member today and get invited to the best sex parties in New York City. 

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Brooklyn's first sex-positive intentional community

Hacienda Studio is Brooklyn's premier location for sex positive events and sex education. 

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Brooklyn's newest sex-positive intentional community

A meticulously restored 4,500 square foot sex-positive guesthouse and retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana

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