Erika Lust's

Indie Pornography

Tired of chauvinistic and tacky mainstream porn, Lust's films are characterized by carefully cast actors and high standards of production in adult film. Lust believes explicit film can be an educational tool besides being pleasurable and can help us better understand our sexuality, to live more freely and naturally. 

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A simple but powerful idea: explicit short films based on anonymous confessions. If your confession is chosen, you are rewarded with a free access pass to the site.

We don't just show what sex looks like, we tell stories about what sex and desire feel like, and how we communicate and interact sexually with each other. Each film is visually arresting and pushes the boundaries of fetish, lust, desire and intimacy.


Lust Cinema

Lust Cinema is an online movie theater which gathers the best in new adult cinema, bringing you fresh, aesthetic, innovative and modern productions. Here you can stream and download our fresh perspective on adult entertainment. The catalog of films include everything from vintage to modern, tutorials to art, romance to kink. It is one of the most unique online cinemas offered today! This hand-curated collected continues to release at least two new titles every month. You’ll be the first to know about and access these acclaimed films.