Happy Kitten Rope

Happy Kitten Rope. Rope for Everyone. No matter your station in life, tastes, race, age, gender, sexuality, income level, whatever, Happy Kitten Rope wants to bring it out of the dungeon and into the bedrooms of everyday people. They want to promote the message that bondage can be fun, easy, safe, and accessible to all.

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Love Lorne Lingerie

Whether you know your own powers or you’re still searching, Love Lorn Lingerie will outfit you for your journey. Many of the leather designs sit within the familiar realms of BDSM, yet a more delicate touch transforms them into feminine pieces that flatter even those outside of the alternative community. Individually made to order, LLL offers customized sizing for the harnesses, lingerie and collars.

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The House of SXN

The House of SXN is the exclusive designer of luxurious leather wear and accessories. Infusing classic form with provacative design, all pieces are unparalleled in eroticism and function. Shop now and indulge in the latest fetish fashion.


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