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For those looking for something saucier we have a membership program that grants access to our incredible private play events. 

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Upcoming Events

The Desire Series with Rachel Wright
April 22nd-May 5th (Virtual and In Person!)
You're loving Rachel's classes so much, we're bringing you a whole series with her! These three cohesive workshops are designed to help you get in touch with your desires, gain knowledge to understand your body, and have better sex. We're also excited to announce that the third workshop will be held live in person.  Tickets are available for each individual class or in a three class package.
Open Relationship Course
Which type of relationship you thrive or struggle in depends on your personality. Discover your unique self with the Open Smarter Method™, a new, revolutionary science-based approach to optimizing your love life. 
Sex Education
Learn to please your lovers in brand new ways with Kenneth's Course, aimed at teaching men how to pleasure people with vaginas. Opt into the Sex Hacker Pro bundle and get the love life you've dreamed of.
Workshop Vault
Since the lockdown began in March 2020, Hacienda has hosted over 30 livestream digital workshops and events! Now we're giving you the opportunity to press replay. If you missed our past workshops, you can now purchase many of  the class recordings to watch on your own schedule!
Adult Entertainment
Tired of chauvanisitic and tacky porn, Lust's films are characterized by carefully selected actors and high standards of production in adult film. Lust believes that besides being pleasurable, explicit film can be educational tool, and help us better understand our sexuality to live more freely and naturally.
Hacienda Swag
Are you spiritually horny? Reasonably slutty?  The new Spiritually Horny X Hacienda line is casual, sexy, expressive, and not afraid to make a statement.
Grab one of our Reasonable Slut mesh t-shirts or a pair of our Consensual Pervert boxer briefs featuring the classic Hacienda logo and let everyone know you're good to go!

Our Locations

The Villa

Brooklyn's first sex-positive intentional community. The Villa is a home first, and we practice responsible hedonism, with the belief that we can indulge all our pleasures while being considerate of everyone’s needs and boundaries.

The Studio

Located below the Villa, the studio is a play area, classroom, or theatre depending upon the night. Connected to the Villa's backyard, there is access to the bar, hot tub, and fire pit.

The Lodge

Within close proximity to the other two locations, and with residents as friendly and fun as you would expect, the Lodge is our latest new location for sex-positive community living.

The Maison

A meticulously restored 4,500 square foot sex-positive guesthouse and retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana

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